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The Prince's Canvas

Title: The Prince's Canvas
Pairing: Minho/Taemin
Rating: NC-17
Notes: This was written for shinee_replay's secret santa event for bambi_lu!
Summary: Minho couldn't help but fall in love with his new consort.

The first time they had met was not Minho’s first time playing with consorts. He was bored and looking for something new to try out when the caretaker had suggested something he had not thought of. The man introduced him to the most beautiful male he had ever laid eyes on. The boy had smooth, pale skin with a slightly curved nose and eyes that could drown you. His hair was pulled back into a high ponytail with a few strands that were too short falling onto his face. The beauty the boy had was effortless and so natural that it almost seemed impossible.

“Does he please you, Your Highness?” the caretaker asked.

Minho nodded, still only staring at the boy. “What is your name?”

The boy glanced over at his caretaker, staying silent.

“Forgive him, Your Highness. I told him not to speak to you unless I permitted it. His name is Taemin, one of the only male consorts we have in the palace. He was bought by one of the council men who fancied him, but has since been forgotten about,” the caretaker spoke.

“Such a shame,” Minho commented, “for such a beauty to be put to waste.”

The caretaker did what seemed like a hand signal for Taemin. Moving his legs underneath him, the boy placed his hands out on the ground in front of him while his forehead touched the ground. After a brief moment he moved back into a sitting position. “I promise to serve you well, Your Highness.”

“I trust that you will,” he said, standing up. “I will expect you in my room before sun down tomorrow. Understood?”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Taemin said. Satisfied, Minho took his leave.


It had been a long day, filled with meetings and reading informational books that did not catch his attention. The only thing that got him through the day was the thought of seeing Taemin tonight. Minho caught himself thinking about what it would feel like to be in another man, was the boy’s skin as soft as it looked, would he actually like it? It was hard to keep his eagerness to explore this new temptation a secret when it was all he could think about.

When Minho finally made it back to his room, the sun was already beginning to set. This meant there wasn’t much more time before he could finally put his mind at rest. He had one of his servants make him tea while he began to paint. It was a hobby of his that he had enjoyed since he was younger, and Minho could say with confidence that his paintings could be considered fine work. Painting was also one of the only things that could keep his mind off of Taemin, his thoughts concentrated only on the brush.

After some time, the servant brought Minho’s tea and set it on a table away from painting. “I have brought you your tea, Your Highness,” he informed, “You also have a visitor.”

Minho finished the stroke he was on and placed the brush aside. “Send him in then, and make sure to bring my meal in once we are finished,” he said before grabbing his tea and sipping it.

The servant bowed and took his leave. A few moments later, Taemin walked through the door gracefully. Minho watched the boy closely as he approached him, admiring his glowing beauty. Taemin seemed even more attractive than he had remembered, and he could barely hold himself together. He bowed before sitting down in front of the prince, looking down at the paper in front of him.

“You are very talented, Your Highness,” Taemin said.

“Many years of practice,” he replied.

They sat in silence, studying each other. Even through Taemin’s looks, Minho could tell that even though he was just a consort the boy was intelligent. His eyes twinkled with knowledge and wisdom that even he did not possess. Taemin sat with confidence and even though he spoke respectfully enough, there was something more about him. Minho thought he could see a slight rebel in Taemin as he was still young and full of energy.

“Your Highness,” Taemin finally said, “You seem tired. Will you let me help you?”

Minho nodded in response.

Taemin stood up and moved closer to Minho. Kneeling down he began to undo the prince’s hanbok, removing the topcoat and undershirt. The boy pulled out a bottle of oil from a pouch he was wearing and began to lather the oil into his hands. He sat behind Minho and began to massage the man’s tight shoulders. Taemin began with a light pressure at first, slowly adding more pressure until he heard the prince moan.

“Does that feel good?” Taemin asked. Minho could tell he was smiling with his smug tone of voice.

“Yes, you are doing very well.”

The boy moved his hands down Minho’s biceps. “Well maybe we should move onto something a little more fun…”

The prince could feel his body fill with lust as he turned around and pushed Taemin onto the floor. The consort gasped as Minho began to roughly undo Taemin’s hankbok. Minho was desperate to know what Taemin looked like underneath and he was not going to let another moment go to waste. It was not until the boy was completely naked that he stopped and took a moment to take in the other’s body. The only way Minho could describe it was perfect. Tiny hairs littered the boy’s legs and arms, his stomach and waist as small as a woman’s, and thighs that he couldn’t wait to explore.

Minho leaned over Taemin and kissed both of his nipples. Taemin grabbed Minho’s hair and lead his face up to line up with his own before kissing him. The prince had not kissed any of his consorts before, but he found himself enjoying the kiss. Taemin was experienced and it showed as he overwhelmed Minho with both his mouth and his hands as he began to palm crotch through the prince’s pants. He could not help but succumb to Taemin and moan into the kiss, already feeling his cock hardening.

Taemin pulled away and smiled as Minho panted and kept his eyes shut, basking in pleasure. “Let me take care of you, Your Highness.”

The boy threw his weight and forced the prince onto his back instead. He slipped Minho’s pants all the way off and put them aside along with all of their other clothes. Out of instinct, Taemin wrapped his mouth around Minho’s erection and began to suck.

“Fuck,” Minho groaned, he lifted himself up onto his elbows and watched as Taemin bobbed his head. Wondering what he looked like with his hair down, Minho pulled the tie in Taemin’s hair and let it fall down around the boy’s face. Taemin stopped and lifted his head up, pushing his hair back out of his face.

Minho could tell that Taemin was also aroused, his cock was half hard and eyes begging for more. There was so much that he wanted to do, but he could only last so long. “I want you to prepare yourself,” the prince ordered.

Taemin quickly grabbed the bottle of oil again and poured some onto his fingers. He opened his legs so that Minho could see all of him. He started with two fingers, pushing them in and out as he stretched his hole out. The boy bit his lip when he started to stroke his own hardness while continuing to finger himself. The prince grabbed his own cock at the sight, he never thought he would be so turned on by just watching someone pleasuring themselves.

They were both in a haze of pleasure watching one another before Taemin finally moaned out, his entire body twitching with need, “I want you in me, Minho.”

Pulling himself into reality, Minho jumped up so quickly it startled the boy. Taemin pulled out his fingers as Minho picked him up by the waist and threw him over his shoulder. The prince threw him onto the bed forcefully, and growled into the younger’s ear, “You will not call me by my name, I am your prince and I will teach you respect.”

The boy smiled. “Just shut up and fuck me with your royal prick, Minho,” he said in defiance.

Taemin gasped as Minho parted his legs and shoved himself inside of the boy. As the prince moved in and out of Taemin he found himself thinking about how beautiful the boy was again and it was driving him mad. With every thrust the boy made little noises as he desperately clawed at Minho’s back. Taemin’s eyes were closed until Minho readjusted himself and he gasped.

“Move a little bit more,” Taemin panted.

Minho complied to the younger’s command and moved his hips a bit more. He gave a deep thrust to test Taemin’s reactions, and when Taemin gave out a louder moan he knew he had done what the boy wanted.

“There, there, please,” the boy begged.

The prince smirked kissed Taemin’s neck as he began pounding into the younger once more. Taemin’s nails were digging into Minho’s back as the boy moaned his name over and over again like it was the only thing he could remember. Minho could feel himself close to the edge cursing at himself for not being able to last longer. His stomach tightened as the heat and pleasure became too much. The prince’s sperm coated the inside of Taemin making the boy whine.

Before Minho could properly think, he was already stroking Taemin’s cock. He had never stroked another man’s cock before, but the prince wanted to see the boy cum by his own hands. Taemin looked right into Minho’s eyes, his breath hitching as he got closer to the edge. “Minho,” he gasped, his seed spurting all over his stomach.

Minho smiled as he pulled out of the boy. He could not even begin to describe how satisfied he was in that moment. The prince pulled out and rested himself next to Taemin as they both calmed down a bit. Without even realizing it both of them began to close their eyes peacefully.

As they drifted off to sleep together, several servants entered the room setting up the prince’s meal. Taemin jolted awake, realizing there were other people in the room and pulled himself off of Minho. Before he could roll off the bed, Minho groaned, “Where do you think you are going?”

“I thought I was expected to leave, Your Highness.”

The prince rolled his eyes, the boy was already back to formalities. “No, you are going to stay and eat with me,” Minho said. Minho got off the bed and tossed Taemin his clothes and grabbing his own to dress himself.

“Thank you, Your Highness,” Taemin said. He lifted himself off of the bed and began putting on his own clothes as well.

Both sat on the floor in front of the table as the servants who set up the dinner left once more. The prince began to eat and drink his tea as Taemin only watched. Minho noticed this and frowned.

“Why are you not eating?”

“I am not sure how I am supposed to eat in front of you, Crown Prince,” Taemin said nervously.

“I do not care about that, eat how you normally do.”

Taemin nodded and silently filled his bowl with the foods on the table. The prince watched as the boy was able to eat quickly. He wondered if Taemin was allowed to eat this much as a consort.

“So tell me your story,” Minho said, pausing from his food for a moment.

The boy swallowed his food and slightly tilted his head. “My story?” he asked.

“Yes, your story,” the prince said, “My story was that I was born at the right place and the right time. Now I am the Prince of Korea and one day I will be King.”

“You were very lucky, Your Highness,” Taemin said.

“Indeed I was, but now I want to know about you.”

“Well,” the boy began, “I was born into a loving family. My father was actually one of the scholars here, but he passed away a few years ago. One of the council members had seen me and taken a liking to me when he would come for dinner or I was allowed in the palace. When my father passed away he took his chance and offered us money so that he could buy me. We, of course, needed money so my mom agreed after a lot of thought. I do not hate her for it, and I really do not hate this new life I have been given. Like my caretaker said, I have since been forgotten by the council member. I serve the entire palace and the highest bidder outside of these walls, gathering money for him. That is my story so far, anyway.”

Minho sat there sucking up every piece of information as the boy spoke. “That is a very cruel turn in your fate.”

“As I said I do not mind. While it is not what I thought I would be doing with my life, I have seen a lot of things.”

Trying to remember what scholars there had been in the palace within the past few years, a name popped into his mind. “Was your father Lee Soo Man?”

“Yes, he was,” Taemin replied.

“He was a smart man,” Minho praised.

“My father made me study day and night. What good does that do now though?” the boy laughed.

“I am sure one day other opportunities will come to you.”

Taemin smiled. “Perhaps.”

They both stayed quiet the rest of the meal, and Minho decided not to talk further about the topic. Once they had finished eating, Taemin bowed and quickly took his leave. Minho had decided that after tonight, he would definitely be seeing the boy again.


“Do you paint every night?”

Minho smiled. “I have to do something with my time other than play with my consorts.”

“You are very funny, Your Highness, but is that not why you requested for me to be here?”

The prince looked up to see Taemin taking a seat on the edge of the bed, beginning to take off his robes. “Maybe I just wanted to speak to you.”

Taemin leaned back and laughed, now completely naked. “You are definitely a fool, Your Highness. I fear that if you pay more attention to your paintings, you will find yourself alone one day.”

“As long as I have money to put in your pockets, I will never be alone,” Minho said, continuing to paint.

The boy sighed. “Unless you bore me to death.”

“For someone of your status you seem to not use proper etiquette, Taemin,” Minho chided.

“Because I do not have much else to lose,” Taemin replied, looking up at the ceiling, “Or maybe I trust that you will not do anything to me.”

Minho set aside the painting to dry and stood up. Walking to the bed he disrobed himself and stood in front of Taemin. “And how can you be sure that I would not do anything to you?”

Taemin stayed silent. He lifted his hand and dragged it across the prince’s upper body, Minho’s nipples hardening at his touch. The boy leaned forward and kissed Minho’s neck as the man ran his hands through his hair. Taemin’s hand wandered further down Minho’s body until he reached the man’s cock. The younger looked into the prince’s eyes as he began to stroke, Minho hardening in his hand.

“You are beautiful,” the prince whispered, using his own hand to jerk off the younger the same way.

The boy moaned, “Minho.”

Minho knew he was going down a destructive path.


He loved the way that Taemin moaned, the way he felt around his cock, but most of all loved the way Taemin spoke out of place. Even those closest to Minho did not dare speak the way Taemin did and it made him feel like he was an actual human being. Since that first night, Minho craved Taemin and he made sure he got what he wanted, which was how he found himself requesting Taemin for the fourth time just that week. He cannot seem to remember how much he had seen the boy the weeks before.

When Taemin walked into the room, he bowed. “It is great to see your face again, Your Highness. While I enjoy servicing you, I do have other people to see.”

“Please, come sit down, Taemin,” Minho said as he busied himself with his paperwork for once. The boy sat in front of the prince and watched as Minho signed papers. “I know you being formal is just an act. I want you to start calling me Minho when it is just us two instead of just in bed. I have also decided to make you my personal consort, meaning I do not want you to take on any other customers. Do you hear me?”

“Is that all you wanted to speak about, Minho? I thought you called me here for a different reason,” Taemin said smirking.

Minho set down his brush back down into the ink and smiled. “I have an illness that only you can cure.”

“Then let me cure you.”


Taemin moaned as the prince kissed down his stomach, worshipping the boy’s perfect body. The younger boy found himself in this position many times, underneath Minho and letting the man kiss and explore every crevice of his body. It seemed to be much too intimate for a prince to be with his consort, but there was no way he could tell his prince it was all too wrong. Taemin could not deny that he craved the prince’s attention constantly and being with him like this was perfect.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” The prince asked, pausing his actions and looking into the younger’s eyes.

“Only every time you see me,” Taemin laughed breathily.

“That is because it is the truth,” Minho said seriously.

Taemin placed his hand on Minho’s cheek and lifted his head to give a quick kiss. Pulling back, Taemin said, “You are beautiful too, Minho.”


Taemin was resting his head on Minho’s chest with the prince’s arms around him. He was not use to the people he had sex with being so close to him afterwards, but with Minho he did not seem to mind and encouraged always being close. Minho was the Crown Prince after all, and he was there to please him.

“Taemin,” Minho said.

The boy mumbled sleepily, “Yes?”

“I am leaving for a while soon…”

“Where to?” Taemin asked.

“Everywhere and nowhere,” he said, “It is a trip to several cities and maybe the surrounding countries just to make some personal connections. My father said I would be a useless king without connections across Korea, China, and Japan.”

Taemin hummed. “I do not think you would be useless. I hear people all over the city say they cannot wait until you are kind and how much they admire you.”

“You are lying,” Minho chuckled.

“Maybe,” Taemin laughed, “But I do know that you are liked amongst the younger people.”

“At least that is good to know,” the prince paused, “I will miss you.”

Taemin was slightly taken back by Minho’s words. While the prince was always affectionate towards him, sometimes it felt like it was just a dream. His throat tightened. “I will miss you, too.”


Months away from the comfort of the palace and Taemin felt more like an eternity. They had been travelling back to the palace for several days and they were so close, but time felt like it was dragging on. The time he had away from the palace also made Minho think about his feelings about Taemin. He craved not only for the boy’s body, but he also wished he could just speak to Taemin and show him all of the landscapes he had seen painted out. The prince imagined coming home to see Taemin already waiting at the palace gates for him. Minho would take Taemin’s hand and kiss the boy in front of everyone, and tell him how he never wanted to be separated again.

The prince’s day dream was cut short when one of the guards came up next to him on his horse. “Your Highness, there is an inn in the next village not too far from here. We are going to stop there for the evening and head back out at sunrise tomorrow. We should be home by midday tomorrow if-“

“No,” Minho said sternly, “We will keep going and arrive in the morning.”

“Forgive me, Your Highness, but the men are weary and it would be best if we stopped.”

Minho glared at the guard.

“Very well then, Your Highness,” he said before disappearing to the front of the line.

Minho knew the men would be angry with him, but it would be worth it in the end. He would come home to see Taemin’s beautiful smile and make up for the time that he was away. All he had to do was last just a few more hours.


Unfortunately, things did not work out as planned for Minho. As soon as they entered the palace, the king had requested Minho to meet with him. While everyone else was able to go see their loved ones and rest, he was stuck discussing all the matters of his trip in detail to his father. After the prince had nearly fallen asleep several times during their conversation, the king finally dismissed him and told him to rest and finish speaking another time.

The prince could not help but drag his feet as he walked to his room, the desire to sleep much greater now than it was the previous day. Sliding the door open to his room, he spotted Taemin on the floor reading a book. The boy looked up and jumped to his feet.

“Minho!” he said excitedly, “I heard you were back, but since you were not in your room yet I decided to wait in here for you. I hope you do not mind.”

Minho shook his head as he walked towards Taemin. The prince wrapped his arms around the boy’s waist and pulled him close. He put his face on Taemin’s shoulder as he hugged him back.

“I do not mind. It has been a long journey and I was hoping to see you when I got back.” Minho moved away from Taemin’s neck. “Do you mind if we speak later? I really do need to rest.”

“Of course,” Taemin said before kissing the prince’s lips.


“What is one of the first things you would do when you become king?” Taemin asked, looking up from the scroll he was reading.

Minho took a sip of his tea and thought about it for a moment. “Make you a royal consort.”

“Why is that the first thing you would do?” Taemin laughed. “Do you not have more important things to do?”

“I would say my father is closer to his royal consorts than my mother, and he can even be seen in public with them. You are the closest to me now and I would like to keep it that way.”

Taemin hummed and looked back down at his scroll.

“That and because… I love you,” the prince said almost in a whisper. “So it is only natural that I would want you to be closer.”

The boy blushed and looked back up at Minho. “I love you too, Minho.”


Minho brushed Taemin’s hair out of his face. In the mornings the prince liked to admire the boy’s face and watch as his chest rise and fall before getting up out of bed. The most breathtaking mornings were when the golden light fell on Taemin’s angelic face as he slept. It was also when he never wanted to wake the stubborn boy up, but it was about time for both of them to get up.

“Taemin,” he said, “Breakfast will be ready soon.”

The boy’s face twitched, but made no other movement to show that he was awake.

Minho sat up in the bed and stretched, letting out a yawn. “Taemin,” he repeated again, but a little louder this time.

Taemin shifted and his face scrunched up. “I do not need to eat, just let me sleep here all day,” the boy whined.

The prince sighed. “Alright, I will let you sleep here for now, but you do have to get up sometime.”

“Maybe later,” Taemin mumbled.

Taemin moved onto his stomach and shoved his head under the pillow, his smooth back the only thing Minho could see. The boy was already falling back asleep and he could not help but chuckle. Looking down at him though, Minho had a strange urge to paint a picture on the younger’s back. Taking a finger he drew imaginary lines on the smooth surface.

“You should let me paint on you tonight,” Minho said.

“Whatever the prince wants,” Taemin said sleepily from under his pillow.


“It feels weird,” Taemin said as Minho’s brush moved closer to his bottom.

Taemin was lying on his stomach completely naked as Minho painted on his back. He had no memory of agreeing to this, but Minho claimed he did while he was half asleep. There was no use in arguing with the prince, so he let the man do what he wished.

“You complain too much, princess.”

“You are helping me clean this off later,” the boy growled.

Minho gave the picture a few finishing touches before smacking Taemin’s butt. “There, all done.”

Taemin slowly moved into a standing position, trying to not mess up the drying paint on his back and walked towards the mirror. He looked over his shoulder into the mirror to see a beautiful sunset over a valley on his back. “It looks amazing, Minho.”

“It is one of the many sunsets I watched while I was in Japan.”

“I wish I could have been there.”

“Maybe I will be able to take you one day,” Minho said, taking a step back to look at his art piece. “My personal canvas.”

“I am now your canvas among other things.” Taemin smirked.

Minho grabbed Taemin’s hand and kissed the back of it. “I want you to stay with me forever.”

Taemin smiled. “Only if you help me wash this off before bed.”


Hope your enjoyed it 8)

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